Priority Profiles: Maryellen Khan, SVP Marketing Fairstone Financial

Fairstone Financial

Priority Sign interviewed Fairstone Financial's SVP of Marketing, Maryellen Khan, about their comprehensive rebranding and how Priority Sign met the challenges and helped them achieve their goals.

Tell us about the signage challenge you presented to Priority Sign?

“We had a very aggressive timetable and had to get started quickly to rebrand our 220 locations across Canada in just a few months. It was a complete rebranding of every location including signage in our corporate office. It involved a new name, logo everything!”

What criteria did you utilize in making your decision to select a signage partner?

“We were impressed with the very clear process that Priority Sign applied. The fact that they had a great deal of ‘know-how’ was apparent. Also, the prototyping work that they completed allowed us to envision the completed project.”

Fairstone Financial Signage

What was it like as a Canadian based financial services company working with a US based partner?

“The Priority Sign team were able to successfully navigate the various issues we were confronted with in Quebec with the French equivalent language requirements and to anticipate and manage the various bylaws throughout the provinces and territories.”

Fairstone Financial Signage

How did Priority Sign make sure all the details were managed correctly?

“We found their approach to project management to be very impressive as it kept the entire project on time and budget. Their proprietary ProjectPilot system allowed us to review and approve all of the signage requirements in real time to stay on schedule. In fact Tasha lead a rigorous, regular meeting cadence with multiple partners and divisions.”

Where there any surprises along the way?

“There were several unforeseen issues such as language considerations and various landlord restrictions, but the PS team was a great partner by helping us anticipate many of the challenges and navigating our way through them. Having a pending deadline made the entire process even more onerous, but we had a lot of confidence with our PS partner.”

Fairstone Financial Signage

How do you feel about the project now that it’s completed?

“Any signage undertaking of this scale is huge, we were able to work through it with confidence as Priority Sign was able to call out many of the challenges before they became issues.

Fairstone Financial was so pleased with the signage program they included it in their branded video “Welcome to Fairstone”. We are very proud of the end result.


Fairstone Financial