Managing all of the Details for Fairstone Financial

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Fairstone Financial chose Priority Sign to completely rebrand their 220 locations across Canada. Every location including corporate headquarters was updated with the new name and logo on a tight timeline.

Priority's rigorous and detailed approach to project management ensured that the entire project, involving locations in every province across Canada, remained on time and budget. We developed prototypes to enable the client to clearly envision the project and successfully navigated the Canadian multilingual requirements to anticipate and manage the bylaws throughout the country.

We spoke with Maryellen Khan, Fairstone Financial's SVP of Marketing, about her company’s experience working with Priority as part of our series Priority Profiles. Read the full interview here.

  • Fairstone Financial - finished sign
    Fairstone Financial - finished sign
  • Fairstone Financial
    Fairstone Financial
Any signage undertaking of this scale is huge, we were able to work through it with confidence as Priority was able to call out many of the challenges before they became issues.
Maryellen Khan
SVP of Marketing, Fairstone FInancial Inc.