Helping Ameris Bank refresh southern skylines.

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Priority is the sole signage and ATM vendor for the 2019 Fidelity Bank and Ameris Bank merger. 

In 2019 Ameris Bank launched new branding following the merger with Fidelity Bank. As the sole signage vendor, Priority handled sign replacement at over 100 sites. The entire project was completed in less than four months from receipt of the new logo. high rise signage updates in Jacksonville, FL and Atlanta, GA were synchronized to occur on the unveiling weekend. 

Helicopter install at Jacksonville HQ in 4 hours
  • Ameris Bank logo
    Helicopter install at Jacksonville HQ
  • Ameris Bank ATM
    Ameris Bank ATM branding
  • Ameris Bank logo
  • Ameris Bank logo
    Priority replaced signage at over 100 sites